How to tighten hex head bolt?

How to tighten hex head bolt?

How to tighten hex head bolt?

(Summary description)Learn the correct techniques for tightening hex head bolts to ensure optimal performance. Discover the top hex head bolt manufacturers in China for high-quality products. Explore, your trusted B2B platform for all your hex head bolt needs.

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How to tighten the large hexagonal steel structure bolts, the tightening method of the large hexagonal steel structural bolts:

Torsion method, in order to reduce the pre-tightening force difference of large hexagonal steel structure bolts before tightening, in the whole process of large hexagonal steel structure bolt connection and tightening in steel structure engineering, generally use a universal wrench to perform the initial tightening torque value. Not less than 50% of the final tightening torque value, so that the thick steel plates are overlapped and disturbed, and then use a constant torque wrench that can display the torque value for final tightening. Finally, the tightening torque value should be determined according to the relationship between pre-tightening torque and pre-tightening force. After tightening, 5-10 should be added to compensate for the slack effect, and the error should not exceed ±10 when tightening.

2. perspective method. This method is to obtain the required pretightening force according to the strain force of the operating bolt, that is, the angle of view of the operating nut. The angle of view starts from the marked line of the original tightening posture, and then tighten 1/3-2/3 turns 120°-240° with a long wrench or an electric or pneumatic wrench. The final tightening perspective is related to the thickness of the stack and the diameter of the bolt, which can be stated early on.

3. Twist the tail end of the large hex steel structural bolt. This method is suitable for torsional shear steel structural bolts. Tighten the bolt first, and then cover the nut and the head end of the red plum blossom with two socket specifications of the special electric wrench. During operation, the large sleeve rotates in the forward direction to release the tightening torque, while the small sleeve rotates in the opposite direction to release the tightening torque. After the bolt is tightened, twist the red plum head along the wound at the end.

Hex head bolts are commonly used fasteners in various industries due to their strength and reliability. However, it is crucial to understand the proper techniques for tightening hex head bolts to avoid potential issues such as loosening or over-tightening. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of tightening hex head bolts for optimal performance.

To start, gather the necessary tools: a suitable wrench or socket, a torque wrench (preferably), and the appropriate hex head bolt. Begin by inserting the bolt into the designated hole and aligning it properly. Next, apply even pressure while turning the bolt clockwise using the wrench or socket. Take care not to exert excessive force initially, as this can lead to damage or misalignment. Gradually increase the applied force until you achieve the desired tightness.

When it comes to selecting hex head bolt manufacturers, it's important to prioritize quality and reliability. China is known for its extensive manufacturing capabilities, and there are several reputable manufacturers in the country. stands out as a leading B2B platform that connects you with trusted hex head bolt manufacturers in China. By choosing, you gain access to a wide range of high-quality hex head bolts, ensuring that your projects are built to last.


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