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Classification of railway fastener

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There are many types of railway accessories, and different railway accessories play different roles. It is precisely because railway accessories can be divided into many kinds, so everyone's understanding of railway accessories is not comprehensive. Railway fastener is a kind of common railway accessories. In order to let everyone understand railway fastener, we will explain the classification of railway fastener.

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Railway fastener is a part used to connect rails and sleepers (or other types of under-rail foundations) on the track, also known as intermediate connecting parts. Its function is to fix the rail on the sleeper, maintain the gauge and prevent the rail from moving vertically and horizontally relative to the sleeper.
The railway fastener system is divided into shrapnel fastener system, gusset fastener system, and elastic fastener system. The gusset fastener is composed of a gusset plate, a threaded spike, a spring washer, an iron seat and a cushion plate. The threaded spike is anchored in the reserved hole of the concrete sleeper bearing rail platform with sulphur cement mortar, and then the gusset is fixed by bolts. Fasten.
I hope you can use this information to deepen your understanding of elastic fasteners, use railway fasteners reasonably, and quickly and accurately select suitable and practical railway fasteners according to your needs.