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Coach screw spike manufacturers take you to understand the role of various railway accessories in railway turnouts

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Coach screw spike manufacturers tell you that with the development of China's railways, railways have become more and more people's travel methods, and railway travel is very convenient. As we all know, the railway is connected by many accessories. Only by ensuring the integrity of the accessories can ensure the integrity of the railway and the normal operation of the train.

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The coach screw spike manufacturer tells you that the splint is a very important railway accessory in railway transportation. Its function is to connect two sections of rails. Because the particularity of rail transportation has long ago separated the railway transportation, so at the interface of the rails It is necessary to use a splint to connect and prevent the track from loosening, so as to ensure that the steel rail can stably and continuously carry the force given by the train and locomotive to the track when vehicles pass through.
The coach screw spike manufacturer tells you that the fishtail bolt is generally used with the splint, which is named after the splint is commonly known as the fishplate. In the process of using the splint to connect the two rails, the fishtail bolt will pass through the cavity between the splint and the rail to connect and fasten the rail. In the process of using the fishtail bolt, be sure to select the matching splint. In this way, the product can play a better safety protection effect and prevent accidents.
As the name suggests, the rail press is a device that presses the rail. In fact, its role in rail transportation is to prevent safety accidents from picking up the rail and climbing the rail. Generally, it is used together with other rail accessories such as spring bars.
Coach screw spike manufacturers tell you that road studs refer to railway road studs that are often used in railway transportation. It is different from highway road studs, which have many different materials and different standards. In railway transportation, road studs are usually metal products, and the production process is divided into For manual spikes and machine spikes, their functions are to fasten and fix railway accessories and railway tracks.
The coach screw spike manufacturer tells you that the gauge tie rod is to connect two rails at the bottom of the rail with a rod to improve the lateral stability of the rail and improve the ability of the rail to maintain the gauge. Some lines have track circuits separated by insulating parts in the gauge rods.
However, these are only some of the many railway accessories, and there are many railway accessories that have not been introduced. Coach screw spike manufacturers tell you that different processing techniques and usage methods can improve the safety performance of railways in the railway transportation system.