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How to store stainless steel Fastenings without deterioration

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The stainless steel Fastenings substrate is not suitable for packaging, storing and transporting polymer mixtures containing chlorine or plastic objects. In addition to Fastenings products, it also contains titanium alloy materials, so it is not suitable to use plastic suction cups, packaging boxes and other items for storage and transportation.

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Some notes
In a high temperature environment, alloy Fastenings products cannot be directly contacted with sulfur, and special attention should be paid to direct contact with sodium and sulfur in the air, otherwise it is easy to cause corrosion damage. Rubber materials should not be directly exposed to the sun. Be careful not to place them directly with organic substances such as acids and alkalis, otherwise they will be easily deformed, otherwise other accidents may occur.
Generally, for ordinary Fastenings and alloy steel data, the storage and storage costs are relatively low. However, for relatively expensive stainless steel Fastenings with a long storage time, the total cost of storage and storage is still relatively high. The ground wire is a kind of ordinary Fastenings, so its storage cost is relatively low, but also be careful not to directly contact with acids, alkalis, etc., to avoid damage.