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Importance of rail spikes in railway track system

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The railway fastening system is used to fix the track equipment on various concrete sleepers, maintain the elasticity of the track system, prevent the longitudinal and transverse movement of the rail, eliminate the deformation of the track caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction, and prevent the train from derailing due to track deformation and movement; Eliminate the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the bridge track and reduce the impact on the bridge when the train passes through the bridge. At the same time, it can also provide necessary elasticity and insulation performance, and have certain adjustment ability for gauge and levelness. Among them, rail spikes is the key element to effectively fix the elastic strip in the fastening system on the sleeper and hold the rail.

Rail spikes is the abbreviation of metal spike for railway track. Rail spikes is an indispensable accessory on railway. Although it is small, it plays an important role in railway track

At present, the commonly used rail spikes in China include spiral rail spikes, wood thread rail spikes, ordinary rail spikes and so on. These rail spikes are used in different ways, but their functions are the same. They all compress the railway rail through different structures and ways of use.

However, in terms of production process, the two kinds of rail spikes are very different

The commonly used manual spike is an early production method in the production process of rail spikes. This production method is made by hand to form the hot embryo of railway spike, so the rail spikes manufactured by this production process will have some defects.

Compared with manual spikes, another common spike can avoid these problems, that is, the mechanism rail spikes. The production process of rail spikes is a combination of manual and mechanical production. The surface of the commonly used mechanism rail spikes is smooth, and the weight of each spike is almost the same. In this way, the rail spikes produced can be better used in batch, and there will be no problem of high defective rate like ordinary manual spike in the process of use.