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Installation and maintenance of rail spikes

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Spikes are an indispensable accessory in railway equipment. The use of rail spikes is related to weather, season and other factors. The use of rail spikes needs to consider the relevant conditions of a variety of railway rails to determine the corresponding installation and maintenance tools and the related attributes of rail spikes. In addition to these issues, we also need to pay attention to the impact of seasons and environmental changes on rail spikes.

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Rail spikes, as metal fittings in railway fittings, have similar properties to general metal fittings. In the process of installation and maintenance, the commonly used rail spikes installation tool is a crowbar, which is also called a spike pry or spike pick in some places. The reason why this tool is used for maintenance and replacement of spikes is that rail spikes are also subject to corrosion, wear, fracture, and deformation of general metals during use. Most of these problems stem from seasonal changes and environmental impacts.
In the seasonal changes, rail spikes need to withstand the main test changes in air humidity and temperature. These two situations occur in areas where the season changes or the temperature difference is large. As metal road studs, they are as easy to rust as ordinary metals. This problem is difficult to deal with with anti-corrosion coatings. Therefore, common rail spikes will rust and corrode during the rainy season. The change of temperature will directly lead to the intensity of rail spikes. The common ones are antifreeze road stud products that need to be used in high altitude areas. This kind of road stud has its own unique considerations from various angles.
In addition to the above issues, the use of rail spikes also needs to face a variety of difficulties. Severe convective weather, thunderstorm weather, high temperature and high pressure environment and many other conditions will cause the quality, shape, strength, durability and other aspects of the rail spikes to deteriorate.