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Installation method and process of sleeper screws

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In fact, sleeper screws are a kind of metal fittings specially used in the railway transportation industry. Regardless of the small sleeper screws, their work is very important and plays a role in strengthening the track. A good fastening effect can be achieved through reasonable installation and application of sleeper screws. So, what is the correct installation method of sleeper screws? The following will summarize and introduce this problem.

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Plug the hole, seal the bottom of the hole with a thick knife and tamping, the effective depth of the nail hole is not less than 140-160mm. Molten sulfur.
When drilling holes, use a grouting spoon to evenly inject the molten sulfur into the nail holes. It is not recommended to pour too full.
Install the anchor frame, place the anchor frame on the top surface of the nail hole, make the rear slope of the iron seat close to the sleeper shoulder, align left and right, and control the position of the sleeper screws.
Fix the screw with bolts, grasp the screw, turn left and right along the middle of the anchor hole, slowly insert it vertically, so that the square plate falls on the anchor frame, and the nail rod is close to the semicircular wall of the anchor frame. When the sulfur melts and solidifies, remove the anchor frame.
Repair the surface of the nail hole, use a flat shovel to remove the molten sulfur outside the overflow hole, make the tabletop level and clean, and pick up the debris under the shovel, and put it in the pot for repeated use.
On the fasteners, coat the sleeper screws with oil, install small rubber pads, irons, plates, spring washers, and tighten the nuts.
The method of correctly installing sleeper screws and the whole process is introduced here. I hope everyone can quickly grasp the method of correctly installing sleeper screws through the introduction of the above information.

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