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Introduction to the basic content of sleeper screws

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Sleeper screws are an important railway equipment. In fact, sleeper screws are not only used in railways, but also used in other road construction. Many people find that sleeper screws are small, but they are useful in railway construction. The function cannot be ignored. Maybe many people don't know much about sleeper screws. In order to let everyone have a deeper understanding of sleeper screws, let's take you to understand it below.

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Sleeper screws are high-strength bolts used on high-speed railway fasteners, which play the role of buckling elastic strips and fixing steel rails. Due to the effect of alternating tensile and shearing forces during use, sleeper screws not only have comprehensive mechanical properties, but also ensure safety and reliability during use. There are two common defects of sleeper screws. One is the defect of the raw material itself, that is, the defect of the raw material; the other is the defect caused by improper process selection or poor mold and equipment in the production process, which is called processing defect.
In the production and processing of sleeper screws, the main materials used are carbon structural steel and alloy structural steel, using two processing techniques, hot heading and cold heading, such as raw material pretreatment (pickling, saponification, drawing), cutting, and diameter reduction , Heating, heading, deburring, chamfering, heating, thread rolling, quenching, tempering, rust removal, anti-corrosion treatment, inspection, packaging. It is also possible to combine blanking, diameter reduction, heading and deburring processes, and use cold heading equipment for processing.