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Plastic dowel in sleeper manufacturers take you to understand the composition and function of the track

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Plastic dowel in sleeper manufacturers tell you that the track is an integral part of the railway line. It is mainly used to guide the direction of the train. It directly bears the huge pressure from the wheels, and transmits it to the overall project of the roadbed or bridge and tunnel buildings. structure. Plastic dowel in sleeper manufacturers tell you that the track is mainly composed of steel rails, sleepers, connecting parts, track beds, anti-climbing equipment and tracks, and is called the superstructure of the railway line. In order to give you a better understanding of the composition of the track, a brief introduction to its main components will be given.

Plastic dowel in sleeper factory
Plastic dowel in sleeper manufacturers tell you the role of steel rails, supporting and guiding the wheels, providing a surface with less resistance for the wheels to roll, bearing the force of the wheels and spreading them to the sleepers, and used as track circuits in electrified railways and automatic blocking sections. The rail should have sufficient stiffness, toughness, hardness, and rough top surface.
The plastic dowel in sleeper manufacturer tells you that the function of the sleeper is to support the rail, transfer the pressure from the rail to the joint bed, and also maintain the position and gauge of the rail. According to the different materials, sleepers can be divided into wooden sleepers and reinforced concrete sleepers. Among them, reinforced concrete sleepers have the characteristics of long service life, high stability and small maintenance workload.
Plastic dowel in sleeper manufacturers tell you that the rail connection parts are divided into joint connection parts and intermediate connection fasteners. The function of the joint connecting part is to connect the joint between the rail and the rail. The function of the intermediate coupling fastener is to fasten the rail on the sleeper, which can be mainly divided into wooden sleeper coupling fasteners and concrete sleeper coupling fasteners.
Anti-climbing equipment, due to the action of longitudinal force when the train is running, makes the rails even drive the sleepers to move longitudinally. This phenomenon is called line crawling. If the rail joints are uneven, the sleepers will be skewed, which will cause great damage to the track and even endanger the safety of driving. Plastic dowel in sleeper manufacturers tell you that when installing anti-climbing devices and anti-climbing braces, the anti-climbing braces can be used waste sleepers, and stone bars can be used instead in mountainous areas.
Turnout, during the operation of rolling stock, from one line to another line, it is necessary to set up the connection and crossover equipment of the line, that is, the turnout. The plastic dowel in sleeper manufacturer tells you that the main function of the turnout is to connect the lines of the rolling stock from one track to another. There are a lot of laying on the station, and the single turnout is still used more.