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The coach screw spike manufacturer will take you to know: what to pay attention to when buying screw spikes

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The coach screw spike manufacturer tells you that screw spikes are an accessory on railways and one of many railway spikes. Although they are small and not very eye-catching, they are very practical. Coach screw spike manufacturers tell you that screw spikes play a very important role in the entire turnout structure.

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Spikes are one of the main products of our company’s rail accessories. We can process and produce high-quality products that meet customer needs according to the needs of users. Then, in order to ensure the role of spiral spikes in railway turnouts, coach screw spikes The manufacturer tells you that you must pay special attention to the quality of the spiral road stud when you buy it.
1. The screw is different from ordinary road studs. Its material is q235-a steel, and its technical requirements meet the requirements of GB700.
2. The screw thread on the screw is M24, the basic size should meet the requirements of GB196, and the thread tolerance is 8g specified in GB197.
3. The surface of the screw must not have dents, flashes, burrs, burns or oxides that may affect the use.
4. The screw head is manufactured according to GB2 standard.
5. The lower thread of the screw should have a neat tooth shape, and the thread buckle should be complete, and no cracking marks are allowed.
6. The thread on the screw is not allowed to have scratches and burrs to prevent the screw gauge from freely screwing in, and the double-tooth tips, scratches and incomplete screws that affect the use of the screw are not allowed.
7. The thread under the nail head is a special M25.6×6-d24.0/25.6 thread with a tooth height of 3.25-00.25mm.
8. The coach screw spike manufacturer tells you that forging cracks on the surface of the screw spike round table are not allowed to extend to the rod body.
9. The coach screw spike manufacturer tells you that the screw spike should undergo a physical tensile test. When the load is 130kN, the screw must not be broken.
After reading these, I hope that when you buy spiral spikes in the future, the coach screw spike manufacturer will tell you that you can pay attention to these details to ensure that the spiral spikes you buy are qualified.