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The fastenings manufacturer will show you how to install elastic fasteners

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The fastenings manufacturer tells you that elastic fasteners are a necessary type of railway equipment. From a structural point of view, elastic fasteners are mainly composed of elastic strips, spiral spikes, gauge baffles, under-rail pads, and flat washers. It is located in pre-stressed reinforced concrete with a pre-embedded casing with shoulder pillows. In addition, in order to adjust the height of the railroad track, it also includes the height adjustment pad. So, what is the installation sequence of spring fasteners? The fastenings manufacturer will take you to find out.

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1. Pave the under-rail pad, put the under-rail pad in the middle of the bearing surface, and the boss of the pad should hook on the bearing surface.
2. The fastenings manufacturer tells you to pave the rails, and the rails are laid on the pad under the rail.
 3. Install the gauge baffle, install the gauge baffle on both sides of the rail respectively, and place it in the middle of the ears on both sides of the rail under the pad. Do not press the rail under the pad to check the gauge position, if there is Discomfort, remove and replace the gauge baffle. Due to manufacturing errors of rails, cement sleepers and gauge baffles, the required gauge baffle is added, and the gauge regulations cannot be considered or when the gauge baffle cannot be installed in place, it can be replaced according to the specific situation. It must be noted that the gauge baffle should not be pressed against the under-rail pad; the fasteners manufacturer tells you that when you install the gauge baffle, you must not strongly knock the gauge baffle into place.
4. Install the spring bar, place the spring bar in time, cover the spiral spike with a flat washer and apply railway line-specific safety protection vegetable grease on the external thread, then screw in the waterproof casing and tighten the spring bar. The fastenings manufacturer tells you that the tightening of the elastic strip is based on the development of the front end of the elastic strip and the contact between the chin and the rail. The criterion for distinguishing whether the spring bar is installed in time is that the front of the spring bar develops the chin and touches the rail.
This is the installation sequence of the spring fasteners. After the spring fasteners are installed, the fastener manufacturer tells you that in order to ensure the actual effect of the spring fastener installation, you must also carry out appropriate adjustments, such as adjusting the gauge and track direction. , Adjust the height of the rails, etc.