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The manufacturer of screwspike will show you: which side of the screw is usually unscrewed

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The screwspike manufacturer tells you that the screw is tightened to the right and loosened to the left. That is clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loose. Most of the screws are positive buckle screws. The positive buckle screws follow the right-hand rule: the screwspike manufacturer tells you to make a fist with your right hand and your thumb extends, the screw rotates in the direction of the four fingers, and then moves in the direction of the thumb. There are a few screws that are tight on the left and loose on the right.

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1. Most of them are: loose to the left. Formula: Left loose and right tight. The screwspike manufacturer tells you, but very few of them are reverse threads. The direction is the opposite of the normal screw direction. The use value of screws: The main purpose is to make the industrial products integrated and fixed. In use, it often happens that the teeth cannot be closely attached to the teeth, the screw head is broken if the screw is tightened too hard, or the tooth pattern is not good and the lock cannot be achieved.
2. The screwspike manufacturer tells you that the clockwise direction is to tighten, and the counterclockwise direction is to loosen. The counter-thread screw is loose in a clockwise direction and tightened in a counterclockwise direction. The manufacturer of screwspike tells you that most of the screws we usually encounter are orthodontic screws, and only a few rotating products adopt anti-screws to prevent loosening.