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The role of railway fastener system

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Railway fastener is a part used to connect rails and sleepers (or other types of under-rail foundations) on the track, also known as intermediate connecting parts. Its function is to fix the rail on the sleeper, maintain the gauge and prevent the rail from moving vertically and horizontally relative to the sleeper. The railway fastener system of road maintenance equipment is divided into: shrapnel fastener system, gusset fastener system, and elastic fastener system.

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Classification of railway fastener system:
The gusset fastener system of road maintenance equipment is a kind of railway fastener system, which belongs to rigid type fasteners. At present, there are mainly the following types of track gusset fasteners at home and abroad:
At present, the fasteners of road maintenance equipment used in concrete sleepers in our country are all non-separable. Except for the bolt-type, 63-type and 70-type fasteners developed in the early stage, which are rigid fasteners, the others are all elastic fasteners. Type 63 gusset fasteners were limited by the production level at that time, and there was no sulfur anchoring technology. The only way was to embed wooden bolts in concrete sleepers, screw in bolts and spikes for the connection of fasteners and sleepers. This type has become a history. It's hard to see. The 70-type buckle-type fastener is a shoulder type, suitable for 50, 43kg/m rails. The buckle is used to buckle the rail, and the gauge can be adjusted by changing the buckle of different numbers. The connection between the spiral spike and the sleeper is in the form of sulfur anchoring. The cork was removed. At present, newly-built railways have rarely been laid, and are only used for the maintenance of existing lines. Bolt gusset fasteners, type 63 gusset fasteners, and type 70 gusset fasteners all use rigid gussets, concrete sleepers are set with shoulders, bolts used to fasten the gussets or fixed in the reserved holes of the concrete sleepers In the clamping plate, or screwed from the lower part into the wooden casing pre-buried in the sleeper, or anchored in the reserved hole of the concrete sleeper by sulfur anchoring. This type of fastener has poor elasticity and a greater reduction in the buckle pressure rate, and has now been completely eliminated on the front line.