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What are the characteristics of rail Pads

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The track rail pad is also called rubber pad. It is an important component in the track structure. It is installed between the steel rail and the concrete sleeper. Its main function is to buffer the high-speed vibration and impact generated when the vehicle passes the rail, and protect the roadbed and sleeper. The signal system is electrically insulated. In addition, the rubber pad is exposed to the atmosphere for a long time, so it is required to have good resistance to natural aging, cold and heat resistance, and the rubber pad for subway has good shock absorption and low noise performance.
Sliding rail pad hereinafter referred to as "elastic pad" is an important part of the track structure, installed between steel and concrete sleepers, its main function is to track high-speed vibration and impact of vehicles, protect the roadbed and sleeper, electrical insulation and signal The system, the additional rubber sheet, is exposed to the atmosphere for a long time, so it requires good resistance to natural aging, cold resistance, and heat resistance. The rubber sheet for subway has good shock absorption properties, such as low noise.
Features of sliding rail pad:
1. Impact resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, good stability, high and low temperature resistance. Products include natural rubber, butadiene rubber, neoprene, HDPE, EVA, high-density polyethylene, etc. The product has high flexibility. It is not easy to deform or break under different temperatures.
Long service life, low maintenance and replacement costs. Free samples of sliding rail pads are sold directly by the factory.
3 models completed 43 kg, 50 kg, designed for 60 kg and other railway and wooden sleepers, concrete sleeper shops. It has the advantages of strong resistance, impact resistance, good insulation performance, wear resistance, compression deformation, high strength, aging resistance, no rotating mud, long service life, and convenient installation. The use of railway rubber sheets can greatly improve the transportation capacity of vehicles, reduce the number of maintenance time spans, and avoid motor vehicle stalls caused by traffic accidents. No matter in terms of safety, economy, environmental protection, social benefits, etc., it is worthy of wide application (the loud operation of the cement slab is easy to damage the railway open slab). The service life of the rubber backing plate is more than 3 times that of the original plate. The test proves that the pressure above 80 tons is stable without deformation. Rubber sheet, rubber as the main raw material, scientific formula, using high-tech production technology, carefully developed.
The sliding rail pad meets the requirements of railway speed and environmental protection, and its use can improve the carrying capacity of the locomotive. The production and promotion of rubber sheets have completely changed the passage of railway crossings, such as asphalt, stone, steel plate, and old for a long time. It has changed the unevenness of every intersection with you, the frequent occurrence of accidents, and the maintenance. After more domestic paving, beautiful and beautiful Quick installation, environmental protection, practicality, strong and solid safety, has become increasingly prominent. Pressure resistance, wear resistance, easy installation, strong contact with the road, no impact and noise, good safety, special rubber coordination, and joint development and use of high-tech, advanced technology and testing methods with the professional design institute of the Ministry of Railways. The quality has reached the leading level of similar domestic products.

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