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What are the functions of Coach screw spike

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Coach screw spike is used to fix the elastic strip of high-speed rail and is a high-speed rail accessory. Coach screw spikes are mainly used for the connection of rails or pads and sleepers, that is, a fastener used to connect rails and sleepers or pads and sleepers. Coach screw spike adopts hot-rolled steel manufacturing technology, and the shape of the lower part of the nail head is adapted to the shape of the rail bottom. The surface of the nail shaft is smooth, the nail head and the nail shaft are free of cracks, burrs, and folding. The surface of the Coach screw spike has no bubbles, burns and cracks that hinder use. It has been widely used in coal mines and road traffic.

customized Coach screw spike
Coach screw spikes are all made of high-quality carbon steel and railway rail steel as raw materials, forged uniformly, formed by mechanism, and used continuous isothermal electric furnace quenching treatment. The product has the characteristics of high quality, toughness, durability, beautiful appearance, and internal dimensions. The performance of the mechanism has reached the standards issued by the ministry and passed the commodity inspection.
Regardless of the small Coach screw spike, his job is very important, it plays a role in strengthening the track. Through reasonable installation and application of Coach screw spike, a good fastening effect can be achieved.