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What exactly is a railway fastener

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Railway fasteners are a kind of railway accessories, which are used to combine rails and sleepers (or other types of under-rail foundations) on the track, also known as central joint parts. The role of railway fasteners is to fix the rails on the sleepers, maintain the gauge and prevent the longitudinal and lateral movement of the rails relative to the sleepers.

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The railway fastener system is divided into: shrapnel fastener system, gusset fastener system, and elastic fastener system. The gusset type fastener is composed of a gusset plate, a threaded spike, a spring washer, an iron seat and a buffer pad. The threaded spike is anchored in the reserved hole of the concrete sleeper bearing platform with sulfur cement mortar, and then bolts are used to fasten the buckle. Plate fastened.
There are elastic strips I, II and III types of clip fasteners. Type I elastic strip is composed of ω elastic strip, screw spike, gauge baffle and rubber pad. The railway fastener manufacturer tells you that its buckle pressure is short and the elastic range is small. The shape of the elastic strip type II is the same as that of the elastic strip type I, and the elastic range is not less than 10mm. The buckle pressure is higher than that of the elastic strip type I. Type III spring clips are shoulderless fasteners, which are suitable for severe transportation and high-density transportation conditions. The railway fastener manufacturers tell you that it has the advantages of high fastening pressure and good elasticity, especially the removal of concrete shoulders and rails. The possibility of lateral displacement of the bottom under the action of lateral force.