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sleeper screws manufacturers take you to understand the cleaning methods of railway accessories

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The sleeper screw manufacturer tells you that railway accessories are very important parts on the railway. If there are no accessories, the railway cannot be used, so we must not underestimate the railway accessories. The sleeper screw manufacturer tells you that the railway accessories are in use. In addition to the maintenance work, we should also do a good job of cleaning, which can also prevent rust and will not affect the use. So how should we clean the railway accessories? Let's find out more about it.

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1. Soluble emulsified cleaning agent
The manufacturer of sleeper screws tells you that soluble emulsifiers usually consist of emulsifiers, soil, solvents, builders, corrosion inhibitors and a small amount of water. The function of water is to dissolve the emulsifier. The cleaning agent not only dissolves the dirt on the surface of the fastener, but also leaves a layer of anti-rust film on the surface of the fastener. The sleeper screw manufacturer tells you that the emulsified cleaning agent is a concentrated pure oil product, which becomes a white milky liquid after being diluted in water. The emulsifiers and detergents in it hold greasy particles and dissolve them into cleaning agents containing solvents and oils.
2. Alkaline cleaning agent
The sleeper screw manufacturer tells you that the alkaline cleaning agent is prepared by mixing the detergent and the alkaline earth metal salt of the surfactant, which is a widely used cleaning agent. The pH value of the cleaning agent is required to be around 7. The manufacturer of sleeper screws tells you that the cleaning ingredients of this type of cleaning agent are hydroxides, silicates, carbonates, phosphates, borates and organic chelates. Each of the above salts and surfactants is mainly to ensure the cleaning effect, followed by the economy.
The sleeper screw manufacturer tells you that both cleaning methods can be used to clean railway accessories. We can choose a suitable one in our future life. Of course, no matter which method, we must do it well when cleaning, so that to achieve the effect. Our company is engaged in the production and sales of railway accessories. Friends in need are welcome to inquire.