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Dog Spike/ Rail Spikes

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Rail spikes is the abbreviation of metal spikes for railway tracks. This kind of spike is an indispensable accessory on the railway. Although it is small but has an important function, it is still very confused for those who are not in touch with rail spikes. In order to let everyone better understand rail spikes, the following is some knowledge about rail spikes, let's learn about it together, which will also benefit our future use.
The commonly used rail spikes in China now include spiral spikes, wooden screw spikes, ordinary spikes, etc. These types of rail spikes are used in different ways, but their functions are the same. They all use different structures and usage methods. To compress the railway rails. Commonly used ordinary railway spikes are divided into manual spikes and machine-made spikes. These two kinds of spikes are relatively simple in the process of installation and use, and can be fixed directly with a spike hammer.
However, the two kinds of rail spikes are very different in terms of production technology. The commonly used manual spikes are an earlier production method in terms of the production process of rail spikes. This production method uses hand-made methods to make rail spikes hot embryos, so the rail spikes manufactured using this production process will have certain defects, such as some bumps or burrs on the surface of the spikes, and Some road studs will have more or less weight. Compared with this kind of rail spikes, another kind of ordinary spikes can avoid these problems well, that is, mechanical spikes. The production process of this rail spikes is a combination of manual and mechanical production methods. The surface of commonly used machine-made road studs is smooth, and the weight of each road stud is not much different. The rail spikes produced in this way can be better used in batches, and the problem of high defective products like ordinary manual spikes will not occur during use.


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