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The standard and stipulated mark meaning of hex head bolt

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Speaking of hex head bolt, it is a very big concept. Hex head bolts are divided into extra hexagonal bolts and inner hexagonal bolts, which are commonly used fasteners and are mainly used for fastening mechanical equipment. Regardless of whether it is an external hexagon or an internal hexagon, their specification and size representation methods are similar. Today, I will introduce you to the introduction of the hex head bolt standard. I hope you will learn more or less about the hex head bolt.

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Introduction of hex head bolt standard:
The national standard GB/T5782-86 for external hex bolts. This standard specifies the thread specifications for hex head bolts of M3~M64, A and B grades, and A grade is used for D<=24 and L<=10D or L
GB/T 5780-2016hex head bolt Class C
GB/T 5781-2016hex head bolt full thread C grade
GB/T 5782-2016hex head bolt
GB/T 5783-2016hex head bolt full thread
GB/T 5785-2016hex head bolt fine tooth
GB/T 5786-2016hex head bolt fine pitch full thread
Introduction to the meaning of the prescribed mark of hex head bolt:
When the hex head bolt standard was introduced above, it involved Grade A and Grade B. Do you all know what this means? There are three grades of hex head bolt product grades: A, B, and C, which represent accuracy. Grade A is the most accurate and Grade C The accuracy is the worst. The precision is different, the place of effect is also different, the A grade is higher than the B grade, the A grade is used where the requirements are high, and most of the B grades are used. Class A is used for occasions where the load is large, high precision is required, or subjected to shock or vibration loads. When choosing a hex head bolt product, remember to buy it carefully.